The Story...

True floristry is about amazing flowers being given to amazing people

Richard Eden started floristry when he was 14 years old working in his auntʼs florist shop after school. It wasnʼt long before customers were asking for the boy to make up their bouquets instead of her. His aunt was somewhat put out by this turn of events but soon came to realise that Richard had an extraordinary talent.

Three years full time study in floristry followed with Richard winning many awards along the way. Soon he was working at one of Melbourneʼs major florists and by the age of 23 he was the manager of two large shops in the city. Then in 1989 Richard opened Panache Flowers. It very quickly became the go to place for floristry in Melbourne and has remained so for thirty years.

The Panache studio reveals Richard Edenʼs undiminished passion and enthusiasm embracing every aspect of the art of floristry - for Richard is surely an artist - possessing a deep understanding of colour, space, and composition coupled with an instinctive awareness of the needs of his clients.

Floristry, after all, isnʼt just about flowers. Itʼs about the people receiving the flowers; the bride, the debutante, the graduate, the family saying good bye to a loved one, the welcome home, the wish-you-well. Itʼs about the spaces flowers occupy; the security of home, the energy of office, the grace and flow of a greeting in the foyer, the factory floor, the corporate HQ.

And true to the artistsʼ ethos, Richard is not afraid to go beyond your expectations, showing both a reverence for the classics and a willingness to explore new possibilities, along with a faultless eye for detail, ensuring that only premium stock is used in arrangements of the highest quality.

True floristry is about amazing flowers being given to amazing people.